Xeriscape Installation

Expert Xeriscape Design in the Permian Basin

A Beautiful, Natural Landscape That Conserves Water? It’s Possible!

It’s no secret that it can be difficult to keep your lawn looking beautiful in the hot, dry West Texas heat. Water your lawn too much and you can be looking at huge water bills, or water it too little and you may find it dry, brown, and unappealing. Xeriscaping is an ideal solution to this problem for many homeowners, allowing them to design a beautiful, natural landscape that doesn’t require constant water from your irrigation system.

The experienced team at New Horizons Landscape Management is a trusted source for landscape design and maintenance in Odessa and Midland. Get in touch today to see how we can design and implement the lawn of your dreams, with xeriscaping and other landscaping services.

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Why Choose Xeriscaping in Texas?

  • Requires less maintenance
  • Conserves water and lowers bills
  • Reduces or eliminates the need for irrigation
  • Embraces the growth of native plants that are suited to the area
  • Excellent choice for dry areas, or areas with water restrictions

What is Xeriscaping?

Simply put, xeriscaping is the lawn design principle of reducing or eliminating the need for irrigation. This is achieved by introducing grass and plants that are native to the region, and designing a yard with less space occupied by grass. This practice is especially appealing for hot and dry areas such as West Texas, and areas that restrict water use.

Xeriscaping installation allows you to enjoy a beautiful landscape, while offering many additional benefits such as water conservation, lower utility bills, and less maintenance. The introduction of native plant types ensures they can handle the heat and stay alive when non-native plants may not.

Xeriscaping Vs. Zeroscaping: What’s the Difference?

It can be easy to confuse xeriscaping and zeroscaping, but be sure to understand the differences between these two terms! Zeroscaping is the practice of designing a yard that is completely free of plants, instead using a mixture of rocks and other design elements to fill the area of the lawn. While this design can be appealing in its own right, some people are put off from the idea of xeriscaping by confusing the two ideas, when in reality, xeriscaping does not mean the complete absence of grass and plants in your lawn.

Xeriscape Design in Odessa and Midland

The experienced landscaping team at new Horizons Landscape Management is here to assist you with xeriscaping in Odessa and Midland! We’ve been serving our local communities for more than a decade, and have the expertise to help you plan, install, and maintain a beautiful yard. While one of our specialties is irrigation installation, we also take pride in providing our customers the option of xeriscape design that is much less dependent on irrigation and requires less water.

Regardless of your landscaping needs for your home or business, our team will help you find the right solution and implement your design to perfection. Contact our team today to learn more about xeriscaping and our other landscaping services in Midland and Odessa, and receive a free estimate for your job.