Turf and Sod Installation

Professional Yard Maintenance in Odessa-Midland

When it comes to curb appeal landscaping, nothing says more about your property than a uniform and beautiful green lawn. Whether you opt for sod grass or turf, installing a brand new layer of grass can instantly transform the look of your entire yard. We take pride in being the best sod and turf installers in Odessa-Midland, and have been serving the area with these services for over 15 years.

Our success in residential landscaping has been structured around great customer service and ensuring that every service we offer is installed right the first time while still exceeding customer expectations. We look forward to working on your landscape!


Sod Grass Installation

The service team at New Horizons Landscape brings a combined 50 years of experience to the table when it comes to installing sod in Texas. We have worked with several different “Texas-friendly” sods and grasses, and would be happy to discuss which type of grass will thrive in your yard and soil type and best compliment the rest of your landscape before we begin laying sod.

Bermuda Sod

Bermuda grass sod is popular across the state of Texas and is known for its high drought tolerance. It is very dense and can handle wear and tear from kids playing in the backyard or large gatherings. It is also a popular choice for golf courses and sports fields.

St. Augustine Sod

St. Augustine sod has more of a dark green color to it and is widely used across the entire southern United States. This is a great option for people looking for a sod with vibrant color and excellent texture. St. Augustine Sod is extremely tolerant to shade, frost, and heat.

Fescue Sod

Fescue sod is a type of sod solution that performs best in the spring and fall, when temperatures are not as hot. The advantage to fescue sod is that it can be green year-round under the right conditions. It can become brown during severe drought though.

The team at New Horizons Landscape is experienced in laying all types of sod. If you prefer the look and feel of healthy, living grass on your property, you may also be interested in our irrigation system installation services. Not only can we make sure that everything is installed right the first time, but we can ensure that your yard stays healthy for years to come.

Turf Installation

We all want a green lawn, but in a climate such as that here in Odessa-Midland, drought conditions and water restrictions can make that difficult. Artificial turf installation has become an increasingly popular landscape design idea in the area due to the fact that you can boast a green lawn all year round!

Benefits of Installing Turf

  • Eco-friendly: There is no wasted water, and our turfs are non-toxic to people and pets

  • Cost: The up-front price of turn may be slightly higher, but the maintenance costs will save you hundreds of dollars in the long-run.

  • Stress-Free: You will no longer need to spend time mowing your yard, or wondering what type of fertilizer you need to buy to revive brown patches of grass

  • Looks: Coming home to a green lawn every day of the year can take a lot of stress of your shoulders, and make the neighborhood look great

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As one of the premiere lawn care businesses in Odessa-Midland, we are happy to provide sod and turf installation to residences of any size. Our services certainly don’t stop there, though, and we would love to incorporate new grass into a greater landscape design idea for your property, that can include hardscape design features, tree installations, and comprehensive irrigation solutions. Feel free to reach out today to discuss your landscape design project with us!