Shrub and Tree Planting

Odessa-Midland Shrub and Tree Planting

When it comes to planting trees and other plants here in Western Texas, knowing what to plant and where to plant it can make all the difference in creating a gorgeous landscape. At New Horizons, we have the experience to not only help you choose the right trees and plants for your property, but we can also help you maintain them year after year. We have been serving Odessa-Midland with yard maintenance services for over ten years and are your one-stop-shop for everything from tree pruning and sprinkler repair to complete landscape designs.

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Benefits of Adding Trees and Plants To Your Landscape

  • Make a positive environmental impact
  • Added shade from the sun
  • Added privacy for your home
  • Provide habitat for beneficial birds and wildlife
  • Increase property value

Fertilization and Soil Management

A professional landscape starts with knowledgeable soil management. Plants and trees are only as healthy as the soil that they are rooted in, which is why we put a great emphasis in taking soil tests and providing proper fertilization to help your plants thrive in their environment. Whether your yard is abundant with shrubs, various flower bushes, or newly planted trees, our landscaping services can ensure that they get off on the right foot.

Tree Care

There are many factors that go into planting trees, particularly large ones. If improper judgments are made on where to plant it or how deep to plant it, the tree can be doomed from the beginning. This is why we highly suggest putting your trust in professional residential landscapers! We can discuss tree types with you, and help you determine the perfect spot to put it in your yard. After the initial planting, we are able to return for routine landscape maintenance, which includes tree pruning. Knowing which cuts to make on your trees can keep them looking groomed and also extend their lifetime and growth rate.

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