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Many people love the idea of turning nothing into something. If you look at all of the great artists, inventors, and manufacturers, their creations have changed the world and given us the life that we lead today.

The same holds true for landscape construction. Landscape construction is the process of taking land that may or may not be developed and crafting a beautiful design for all to enjoy. New Horizons Landscape Management is a landscaping design and construction company based in Odessa. We serve all of Midland and West Texas, creating gorgeous residential and commercial landscapes and outdoor living spaces for you to enjoy. Get in touch today!

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A fundamental component of landscaping, turf or sod forms the basis for all other landscaping design elements at your home or office.


Here in West Texas, the sun is exceptionally strong. Shrubs and trees help to cool our environment and add greenery to soothe the soul.


The challenge with commercial landscaping is crafting a space that is both functional and that conveys the perfect message for your brand.

commercial hardscaping by new horizons landscape management in odessa


The idea of creating beautiful spaces to enjoy has been around for millenia, from the Hanging Gardens of Babylon and ancient Egypt to the Taj Mahal and Kew Gardens. After the Middle Ages where people were too concerned with survival to indulge in the finer things of life, gardens re-emerged amongst the royalty, from the upper classes in Italy to the kings and queens of England, who loved to stroll and enjoy the beauty around them. Soon, the idea expanded from just gardens to creating hardscape elements where people could sit and enjoy nature, too. We see this trend today with the huge popularity of pergolas and gazebos.

Modern landscape construction uses all available mediums to craft exquisite areas that feature focal points, lighting design, hardscapes and softscapes that will create contrast, harmony, balance, and unity — all in a pleasing way. New Horizons Landscape Management takes immense joy in creating little slices of heaven on earth for our customers to enjoy. Get in touch with a team member to get started today!

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commercial hardscaping by new horizons landscape management in odessa


  • Design the landscaping

  • Plan for the materials and costs

  • Prepare the area

  • Plan the construction phase

    • Install sprinklers and sod or turf

    • Plant softscape elements

    • Build hardscape elements

    • Put on the finishing touches

  • Final walkthrough and customer satisfaction!

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commercial hardscaping by new horizons landscape management in odessa


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New Horizons Landscaping Management in Odessa and Midland offers the best commercial landscaping construction services. Check out some of our unique ideas to give you inspiration below:

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The sound of running water has the power to instantly calm your nerves and change your mood. By installing a pond in your yard, you can have koi fish, frogs, and attract wildlife, such as dragonflies and birds, too.


Retaining Walls


Traditionally, walls have served to demarcate people's property and boundaries. However, walls now are an important part of landscape construction. You can use them to create beds of flowers, as well as distinct outdoor living spaces, too.


Mulch and Other Groundcover


Mulch is a low maintenance landscaping design element that adds color, texture, and balance to your outdoor living space. Mulch and other groundcovers break up grass and help keep plants healthy.




There's almost nothing as cheery as an outdoor firepit in late fall and winter here in West Texas. Outdoor firepits allow you to still be outside even in chilly weather. Plus, fire instills a sense of comfort and warmth when you need it the most.




Rose is a rose is a rose is a rose." One of the greatest lines in all of literature holds true for installing rose bushes in your outdoor space. These fragrant flowers add a sense of class and poise that no other flower can.




Trellises are stand-alone features specifically designed to allow climbing plants to grow till their heart's content. These structures use both hardscape and softscape to frame your business's entrance, garden, and so much more.

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Irrigation Installation

One of the first considerations of landscaping construction here in Odessa, Texas, is the installation of your irrigation system. In landscaping construction, you start from the ground up and since your irrigation system is installed in the ground, we start here. There are many different types of irrigation systems to install, depending on your particular landscape design, from drip systems to sprinkler heads and more. Call one of our irrigation experts to learn more today.


Surf And/Or Sod Installation

Once your watering system has been placed in the ground, it's time to install your grass and/or turf system. This is a really exciting part of the process since there are so many ways that your residential or commercial landscaping can take shape from here. From xeriscaping to installing a golf putting area and sod for the kids and dogs to frolic on, this piece of your landscaping construction lays the foundation for everything else.


Shrub and Tree Planting

Softscaping is usually installed before hardscaping in landscaping construction. This means shrubs and trees! Trees not only provide much-needed shade here in West Texas, but they also give off oxygen and excess water content, helping to keep the air cool and moist. Plus, the color of green expresses the feeling of renewal, life, and abundance. Our team can help you plant your greenery and refresh your mind and soul. Call today!


A Beautiful Finish!

At the end of the day, our mission is to ensure your landscaping construction is on par with what you envision. You want an oasis away from the hubbub, or you want to showcase your business. We work with you to design a custom landscaping design that you will love. Contact our team today!

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New Horizons Landscape Management offers custom landscaping design and construction service all throughout West Texas. Our team has more than 50 years of combined experience in crafting the best residential and commercial landscapes and outdoor living areas for your enjoyment. Like the years of old, we intend for these spaces to be sanctuaries when you need a respite from the world. Call to get started today!

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