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We take your outdoor living ideas and bring them to life before construction begins, making changes easy.

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Conserve water and have less to mow with our xeriscape landscaping services.

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Set your business apart with a beautiful, custom commercial landscaping design you'll love.

Commercial Landscaping

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Softscaping is a landscaping design term that is used to describe all living elements in your commercial landscape design. These include trees, flowers, and soil. Hardscaping refers to the hard elements of your commercial landscape design, which includes stone, bricks, concrete, and more. It's helpful to distinguish the two as landscape designers so that a good balance can be achieved between them to make your commercial landscape design pop. New Horizons Landscape Management loves crafting beautiful commercial softscaping within your space. Call to learn more today.

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  • Trees

  • Shrubs

  • Soil

  • Flowers

  • Grass

  • Annuals and perennials

  • Vines

  • Other types of groundcover

  • And more

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Hardscaping is the landscaping term that is used to refer to all of the non-living and breathing elements of a landscape design, from the front and back yard design to your commercial landscape design. This includes walkways that are more for functional than aesthetic purposes. However, every element in your space ties together and contributes to the overall look and feel that you are hoping to create.

Softscaping, as mentioned before, is all of the living elements of your commercial landscaping design. One of the key elements of commercial softscaping design is considering color, as well as changing colors throughout the seasons. We, as humans, love to see beautiful flowers blooming everywhere, and as the seasons change, you can create a seasonal feel, too, that delights all those who experience it. A professional commercial landscaping design company can help you create a timeless look and feel that you'll love. Call our west Texas landscaping company today.

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Most of us have seen landscape designs that are downright gorgeous. Whether there has been a water feature that led into a pond full of koi fish or a beautiful pathway surrounded by colorful flowers that led into an arbor, we immediately felt soothed, relaxed, and joyful. What set this landscape design apart from others that you probably didn't realize was the wonderful balance it had between hardscaping and softscaping elements. It takes a true eye for detail and beauty to achieve and craft art into landscape design.

Here at New Horizons Landscaping Management, we believe we've achieved that eye-catching magic that will make others stop and admire your commercial landscape design. We offer free estimates so you can see for yourself through our 3D renderings the possibilities of your commercial property. Call for a free estimate today!

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It's super easy to admire beautiful commercial landscaping designs, but creating them is a whole other matter. This is why it is best to partner with a professional landscaping design company who specializes in creating custom and unique landscapes for area businesses. New Horizons Landscaping Management in Odessa and Midland offers the best commercial landscaping design services. Check out some of our unique ideas to give you inspiration below:

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Water Features


The sound of water has been shown to be one of the most relaxing sounds to the human ear. Add in water features for relaxation and a great auditory feature.


Arbor Design


One of the best things about an arbor is that it combines both hardscaping and softscaping with beautiful trellis flowers to create a mesmerizing beauty.


Shaded Patio


Utilizing trees is one of the best softscaping elements. Having a big shade tree hovering over a picnic table is as close to heaven on earth as it gets.

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Potted Plants


Having potted plants adds a dynamic element to your commercial landscaping design that mixes up your groundcover and draws attention to them.


Gardens Galore


Planting pumpkins, tomatoes, or sunflowers gives your commercial landscape design a down-home feel, plus is great for seasonal landscaping.

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Butterflies & Birds


By planting flowers that specifically attracts butterflies and birds you can add another soft element to your landscape design that everyone will love.

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To Be Memorable

If you can create something that is incredibly beautiful and fills the eye, people will drive by just to see it, especially when it comes to delightful flower beds full of butterflies and bees, large shade trees, and a walkway through a garden of rocks and fountains. People appreciate when you put in the effort, and it will draw people to your business and remember you the next time they need your service.


To Create Beauty

In today's modern world, there are a lot of events and things that make people want to hide from the world. When you take the time to create a charming and stunning place where people can go and decompress from their world and the world around them, you will gain appreciation among others and provide much needed beauty in a world that sometimes can be quite ugly.


To Provide Stress Relief

As a company with employees, you need to ensure your employees' needs are taken care of so that they can continue to serve your customers to the best of their abilities. Some of these things include good benefits and a great work/life balance. However, what is also needed especially on days where events at the office are stressful or customers are angry is stress relief.

A beautiful commercial softscaping design can give your employees a much-needed break where they can take a breather, relax, breathe in fresh air and the smells from your flowers and trees, and let nature soothe them. Then, they can return to the office ready to tackle whatever is next. In addition, an office view of your commercial landscaping can provide the same effect, too.

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West Texas is a great place to call home and to have a business that serves the community. If you are in need of a great commercial landscaping design with softscaping elements, give our landscaping company a call for a free estimate today!

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