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It's a Monday morning, and you are late for work. The kids were hard to get moving, you missed your shower, your dog puked, and you were out of bread to make the kids’ lunches. You did make time to grab coffee (an absolute necessity), but you feel disheveled heading into work. However, as you exit your car and head in, you notice the beautiful azaleas in bloom, you catch a scent of honeysuckle, you notice a butterfly flit by, and the yard is freshly mowed with just a hint of freshly cut grass in the air. Suddenly, you feel better, and the dread in the pit of your stomach has been lifted.

With a unique and customized commercial landscaping design by New Horizons Landscape Management, a landscaping design company that serves West Texas, including Odessa and Midland, you can give that feeling to you, your staff, and your customers every time they walk up to your building. Commercial landscaping can be a lot of work, but when you partner with us, we make it easy. Our expert landscaping design team will use hardscaping, softscaping, and so much more to create harmony, unity, and balance that is a feast for the eye. Contact us for a free estimate to get started today!

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3D Landscape Renderings Link

When you are able to see the road ahead of you, you make fewer stumbles. Similarly, with 3D landscape renderings, you can see your commercial landscaping design project ahead of time so you can make applicable changes.

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Hardscape Design

There is something magical about using natural materials, shaping them, and then placing them in such a way to create magic and beauty in people's lives.

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Commercial Landscaping

You can put a smile on your customers' faces by greeting them with an incredible landscape design when they pull up to your location and walk inside.

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Hardscaping is an apt landscaping term that refers to elements in your commercial landscaping design that are "hard." Some examples of hardscaping include walkways, driveways, paving stones, decorative walls, stairs, rocks, bird fountains, and more. These non-living elements are usually made from natural materials, which include limestone, concrete (although man-made is formed from natural materials), and quartz, granite, and more. Hardscaping is an important element in your commercial landscaping designs, and our team will help you have the best use of it. Get in touch today.

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  • Boulders

  • Landscaping rock

  • Sand

  • Retaining walls

  • Flagstone walkways

  • Fencing

  • Pergolas

  • Arbors

  • Patios

  • Fireplaces

  • Decks

  • And more

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The goal of commercial landscaping design is to combine function with purpose. You want to enhance the look of your business's facade, but you also want it to be useful to visitors. Before you begin, you want to think about the goal of your commercial outdoor space and how you want your employees and guests to interact with your property. If you are a brewery, chances are, you want lots of seating areas. If you're a private office building with not a lot of guests, you'll want to focus on creating great areas for your employees. Your outdoor landscaping will leave an impression on all who pass, so make sure it's the right impression. Call New Horizons Landscape Management in Odessa to get started today!

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Commercial hardscaping is a bit different from residential landscaping. Typically, commercial landscaping tends to be on a larger scale and tends to be a bit simpler by nature. New Horizons Landscaping Management in Odessa and Midland offers the best commercial landscaping design services. Check out some of our unique ideas to give you inspiration below:




Gazebos are usually round structures with solid roofs and railings. These make great outdoor seating areas for your employees and guests while not taking up too much space.


Outdoor Fireplaces


When the chill hits the air in fall and winter here in West Texas, nothing brings comfort more than a fireplace. If you have an outdoor fireplace, you can rest assured people will congregate.




People love statues, but they don't necessarily want them in their residential landscape design. However, businesses in West Texas tend to have the space to display these works of art for others to enjoy.

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Flagstone Walkways


There's something about walkways that beckon people to follow their path. Walkways are a great way to connect two existing buildings or spaces, or just a great way to encourage exercise.




Most people don't think of fencing as a design element. However, adding fencing to spaces is a great way to create division in your commercial landscaping that lends well to themes.




Patios are natural areas for people to congregate, and you can create great sitting areas for your employees and guests with outdoor patios.

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To Convey the Your Brand

Competition can be fierce for businesses since so many businesses are now national with the advent and preponderance of the internet. This means that businesses are looking to showcase their brand in any way, shape, or form — which includes commercial landscaping. Thus, if you are a technology company and want to convey your forward-thinking, you may want to adopt a xeriscape landscaping design that saves water and is minimalistic, too.


To Attract New Customers

If your business is on a busy street, you may want your commercial landscaping design to attract customers. After all, many people get tunnel vision when driving. When driving by the same place repeatedly, there comes a point where your brain just doesn't "see" it anymore. Thus, you may want to invest in bold colors of flowers and a cool and unique statue that will catch passerby's eyes.


To Drive Engagement

There's something to be said for having a mini-oasis in the middle of a big city or a busy city block. When you invest in a killer commercial landscaping design, you can add hardscaping elements, such as benches, tables, a pergola, and a water fountain, that will attract people and encourage them to stay longer. Add in a fireplace for the perfect winter retreat, too. Many people will appreciate the respite — and notice your business, too!

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If you are looking for the best commercial landscaping design that will capture your guests’ imagination and be a great place for employees, contact New Horizon Landscape Management for a free estimate for your Odessa or Midland business today!

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