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Your Guide To Landscape Installation

Landscaping is a learned craft and can be a hefty project to take on alone. When you’re looking to execute your innovative ideas for your landscape, consider hiring a professional landscaping company in Lincoln, Nebraska to help bring your ideas to life. New Horizons Landscape Management offers trustworthy experience to realize your property’s fullest potential. Keep reading to learn more about landscape installation and all it can transform when done properly.


Design Your Landscape

Designing your landscape is a thrilling experience. It’s important to keep your environment in mind when it comes time to design. Knowing if you have wet or dry soil and what zone you’re in will help you narrow down your landscaping options. From there, be sure to learn the dimensions of each of your selected plants so you don’t get overcrowded once the landscape grows in. New Horizons Landscape Management can help you select the most ideal plants for your landscape, keeping your design and the environment in mind, giving you luscious results.


Calculate Cost and Materials

An important aspect of landscape installation is knowing your plan for materials and expected cost. Landscaping is so much more than just the plants. You also need to take into consideration any soil, mulch, compost, or fertilizers needed along with planting supplies. Starting with your list of needed materials is a great first step to then lead you to your anticipated cost. New Horizons Landscape Management has excellent designers to help you navigate through your needed materials and desired budget.


Properly Prepare Your Area

An essential step of landscape installation is properly preparing your area. By adding organic matter to your soil every year you can build and maintain your soil nutrients. Doing a seasonal soil check is also ideal as it will tell you your soil’s structure, pH, moisture, and nutrients. When it comes time for planting, you can remove any debris or dead plants from your lawn, clearing the way for new plants. Eradicating any diseases from infected plants is essential to keeping your incoming landscape healthy. New Horizons Landscape Management can provide you with the team and tools to get your area professionally prepared for a successful landscape design.


Start Your Installation

Starting your installation is one of the most powerful and inspiring parts of your landscape design. With the right tools and team to help you install your new landscape effectively, you can watch your landscape transform into your unique vision. Be sure to take into consideration if you need to add compost or soil as you transfer your plants as well as any fertilizer or root stimulator to help transplant shock. Measure your hole twice the size of your plants’ current root ball and plant. New Horizons Landscape Management has a knowledgeable team to help you install your landscape design.

Whether you’re starting your first landscape installation or are experienced in this field, you can find the trained team you need to help you bring your landscape to life. Contact us today to start your sensational landscape design.

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