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Simple Ways To Improve Curb Appeal This Weekend

Whether you are planning to put your house on the market, or simply want to brighten up the neighborhood and create a welcoming environment at your home, curb appeal landscaping can work wonders. At New Horizons Landscape Management, we help homeowners in Odessa and Midland transform their landscapes through a variety of residential landscaping services. However, we also wanted to provide our past and future clients with a resource of simple things that they can do on their own to boost curb appeal! This short list is meant to inspire you with affordable ways that you can update your landscape or front porch to quickly boost curb appeal!

Paint The Front Door

Yea, we know that this can be a little bit intimidating, but don’t worry! Painting a front door is something that even amateur painters can successfully manage. Painting your front door is an exciting opportunity to pick a bold color that will help your house stand out, as long as it matches with the rest of your home. There are many online resources that can help you visualize different paint colors to see what the final product might look like. A great outcome is highly contingent on how well you prep the door, so be sure to take your time before hopping right in.

Power Wash Your Driveway

Power washing is one of the most oddly satisfying home-improvement projects that can help you improve curb appeal. Over time, it can be easy to lose track of how dirty your walkways and driveways have become. Home Depot offers pressure washer rentals that you can use over the weekend to rid your driveway of all the dirt and grime that has accumulated on the concrete, brightening the overall appearance of your home.

Invest In A New Mailbox

You may have not thought about it, but your mailbox does a lot more for your house other than just collect letters and packages. Because it is right on the road, it is one of the first things that passer-bys notice about your home. Simply upgrading your mailbox can turn the perception of your home from a run-down property at the end of the block to a modern and lively place that is well-kept. A new mailbox can start around $20 and is something that anyone could easily replace on a Saturday morning. Here is a helpful resource on how to install a new mailbox.

Add Solar Paneled Lanterns

For at least nine hours out of the day, anybody driving by your house is going to see it in the dark. Because of this, outdoor landscape lighting can be a huge piece of curb appeal. When you hire a landscaping company such as New Horizons, our team can design and install a detailed exterior lighting system. However, if you are looking for a short-term alternative, there are many affordable solar-powered lanterns that you can purchase to brighten up your walkway and welcome guests who might be arriving or leaving after the sun sets. The only installation that these require is for you to plant them into the ground!

Install A Porch Swing

Do you love to entertain? Do you have kids? Even if you live alone, everyone can enjoy a classic porch swing on a cool summer night. It also makes your home appear fun and inviting and is an often neglected element that can improve the curb appeal and resale value of your home. If your front porch allows for one, porch swings can be purchased online, or sometimes found at local antique stores in Odessa and Midland. Before purchasing one, be sure to measure your porch to see how much room you have for a relaxing swing to be installed!

Install Flower Boxes

If your house is lacking color, and you aren’t quite brave enough to paint the front door just yet, picking up some flower boxes is an easy step you can take to improve the color palette of your property. Flower boxes that are meant to be installed under windows can last you forever, and allow for you to add new types of flowers below the windows of your home as the seasons change. For even less commitment, you can purchase hanging flower baskets that can be added to your front porch.

Call New Horizons Landscape Management

If you are serious about curb appeal landscaping, we would be happy to take the reins on your landscaping projects. We specialize in a variety of services that can help your home stand out from the rest of the neighborhood, including tree and shrub trimming, sprinkler system installation, walkway installation, and exterior lighting designs. We encourage you to learn more about our services on our website and contact us with any questions you may have! We would be happy to provide you with a free quote for your landscaping project.