Backyard blooming in springtime

Get Your Backyard Ready for Spring

Spring is right around the corner, which means that the flowers will start to bloom, trees will be growing their leaves back, and you will have to start maintaining the health of your backyard once again. It can be difficult to get back into the swing of regular yard maintenance, so we want to offer a few tips on how you can help get your backyard prepared for spring. Check out our list below on how to get your yard ready for the season below and contact our team at New Horizons Landscape Management today with any questions about the process or if you need assistance Work with us today!

Person in boots fertilizing lawn grass

Fertilizing Your Lawn

One thing that every backyard needs in preparation for healthy and sustained growth during the spring months is proper fertilization. This process should be done every year for this very reason. You can also accompany this with an herbicide in order to assure that you aren’t ending up with any crabgrass in the growing process. This should be done once in the early spring months and then repeated a month to a month and a half later to make sure your grass is fed and protected.

Leaves and debris in grass

Cleaning Debris

One thing that becomes very apparent once the season has begun is that there is likely a buildup of debris in your yard. Twigs, dead leaves, crabapples, and more fall throughout autumn and winter, accumulating on your lawn, by the sides of your fence, and in the middle of your yard. Cleaning up the mess will benefit you in the long run when you need to start fertilizing, mowing, and otherwise performing landscape maintenance.

Person trimming tree branch with garden shears

Tree Trimming

Autumn and winter weather can do significant damage to tree branches that might not be immediately apparent just by looking up at them. It is important to get up into the tree, investigate, and trim dead branches accordingly. You won’t want to wait until they decide that it is time to fall and damage you or your property without notice. It is best to be proactive.

Person mowing lawn in a straight line

Start Mowing as Soon as You Can

If you let your lawn grow too high before deciding to mow for the first time in the spring season, it can have a negative effect on the growth of your lawn. This delay can stunt the roots and ultimately make it more difficult for growth to occur over the coming months. That is why it is extremely important that you strike right when the opportunity first presents itself. Additionally, you’ll want to mow pretty frequently for at least the first couple of months to help this process along.

It is extremely important for the health of your lawn that you take the proper steps to help it transition from the frigid winter to the growing season in spring. But, with these easy steps for preparation, the process should be streamlined and you should be ready to go once regular maintenance is needed again.

Make sure that you take a look at the landscaping services that we offer at New Horizons Landscape management. If you need help with your backyard while going into spring, or you need design assistance, don’t hesitate to reach out to our expert team today!