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Fall Lawn Maintenance Tips for Texas Homeowners

Prepare your lawn for successful growth next spring by setting a foundation this fall. Learn more about fall lawn maintenance techniques from New Horizons Landscape Management today!

Control Weeds

While maintaining a lush, healthy lawn is the best way to prevent weed growth, it’s not an end-all, be-all. It’s important to treat those weeds that do sneak into your lawn promptly to avoid further growth. If they are left untreated throughout the winter months, they are more able to compete for root space in the soil, potentially creating catastrophic results in the spring.

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Soil Aeration

When thinking about healthy lawn growth, it’s easy to forget about the thing that actually allows your grass to grow — the soil! Over the course of the spring and summer, we’re willing to bet your lawn receives a ton of foot traffic. From kids to pets, that constant usage compacts the grass and soil, preventing it from receiving the nutrients it needs to breath. Soil aeration loosens the soil and allows it to receive plenty of oxygen and water, thus promoting healthy growth throughout the winter.

Herbicides and Fertilizers

In order to reap the benefits of a healthy lawn in the spring and summer, you must set the foundation in the fall. One way to encourage a sound foundation is by using pre-emergent herbicides and fertilizers. Pre-emergent herbicides function exactly as the name suggests — prevent weed growth before they emerge. Fertilizers, meanwhile, encourage healthy root growth for your grass to not only last throughout the winter months, but flourish. We recommend using two different products in tandem — one that prevents weed growth and another that fertilizes grass — rather than an all-in-one “weed and feed” type product. Also, make sure to apply fertilizer after aerating your lawn to give it a better chance of reaching the roots.

Overseed Your Lawn

Even if your lawn looks perfectly healthy, over-seeding it during the fall sets the foundation for lush growth in the future. Many grasses have a short lifespan, and that’s especially true for those that endure constant heat and sunshine during our Texas summers. Overseeding your lawn in the fall allows you to replace these dead and dying roots before it becomes an eyesore.

Leaf Maintenance

We get it — raking and bagging leaves is a chore virtually nobody enjoys. However, when it comes to fall yard maintenance, it’s as vital as anything else. In addition to the obvious aesthetic benefits of raking your lawn, it’s also one of the most important steps to follow to ensure healthy grass growth. Even if you follow all the previously listed steps above, improper leaf maintenance can throw it all down the drain. The longer you wait to rake and bag your leaves, the higher the possibility that they will cause your grass roots to rot throughout the winter.

Here at New Horizons Landscape Management, our landscaping services help make these tasks easier and more efficient. From irrigation repair to proper sod installation and so much more, we can help you create a sturdy foundation for your lawn in Odessa and Midland. Call us today to get started!