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Best Ways To Add Shade To Your Backyard

It’s no secret that the summer months here in Odessa and Midland can be blisteringly hot, which can discourage us from getting outside, and leaves us moving from one air-conditioned space to the next. However, on those days where the temperature gauge reads less than 90°, getting out into your backyard for a BBQ or relaxing afternoon is a great way to pass the time and catch some rays. As one of the area's preferred residential landscape contractors, we put together a list of a few creative ways that you can add shade to your property as part of a backyard landscape design. If you need professional assistance with any of these ideas or installation services, feel free to give us a call over at New Horizons Landscape Management!

Plant Trees

If you’re looking to go the natural route, not much beats the shade and aesthetics of a healthy tree. There are dozens of different trees that you can plant here in Western Texas, and our landscape designers can help you pick out a variety that excels at providing shade. Planting a tree is undoubtedly the most eco-friendly way to add shade to your backyard, and is also affordable in comparison to other options. The only drawback to plating a tree is that it is a long-term strategy, and you will likely need to wait several years before receiving the shade that you are hoping for. However, once they begin to take deep roots and grow, they can provide natural shade for your backyard gatherings for years to come.

Build A Pergola

If you love the wide-open feeling of your backyard, but are still looking for a more permanent landscape element that can provide your family with shade, a pergola is a great idea. Pergolas are affordable to construct or purchase, and provide a long list of benefits. Not only are pergolas beautiful, but they can also help you define your outdoor space, and provide a central location for you to entertain guests. Along with providing shade to people, they also provide a healthy growing environment for plants and serve as a great excuse to plant climbing plants that can wind their way up the posts of your pergola.

Get Creative With Awnings

Awnings provide many of the same benefits of pergolas without quite the same commitment. In many cases, awnings can be attached directly to your house, and do not need any kind of post to support them. There are dozens of different kinds of awnings, and can be as retractable or sturdy as you choose for them to be. They also give you an opportunity to express your creativity, and pick out a pattern and fabric that best compliments your home and landscape.

Purchase A Sail

Sails have quickly become a popular option for backyard decorating, and are the modern and trendy alternative to an awning. Sails are simply triangular pieces of fabric that can be stretched between posts or other structures to provide shade over a certain area. Depending on your purchase, sails can be surprisingly durable, and look great all the time, never needing to be retracted.

Patio Umbrellas

If you are in need of immediate shade for a backyard party happening tonight, you can’t go wrong with some trusty patio umbrellas. Patio umbrellas are one of the quickest ways to make your landscape appear more put together, and can provide sufficient areas of shade for seating areas or outdoor tables. There are many different styles of patio umbrellas, and if you are looking for the perfect fit for your home, you will likely need to order one online. That being said, you can choose to buy one that fits within the center hole of your table, or you can purchase a stand-alone umbrella that can be moved around to different parts of the yard.

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If your residential landscape needs a makeover, we are the ones to call. For over ten years, we have been providing phenomenal service for businesses and residences in Odessa-Midland and would be happy to assist you with your backyard landscape design. We handle everything from 3D renderings, which can help you envision what a new tree or pergola might look like in your backyard, to routine irrigation system repairs. Give us a call today to receive a free quote!