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6 Reasons to Add Landscape Lighting to Your Backyard Design

Looking for ways to improve your landscape design and allow your yard to reach its full potential? Landscape lighting from New Horizons Landscape Management may be perfect. Learn more today!

When it comes to yard landscaping, there are so many things that go into creating a beautiful, functional space. In previous blogs, we’ve talked about some ways to improve your curb appeal with landscaping and how to create the perfect yard for entertaining. But regardless of how many elements you add to your landscaping, almost everything comes back to one aspect — lighting!

Installing the proper landscape lighting, especially here in Odessa and Midland, has some outstanding benefits that tie an entire yard together. From function to beauty, backyard lighting is a must when designing the perfect landscape. In today’s post, we’ll go over five of the most important benefits of installing backyard lighting so you can begin to plan your landscape. Keep reading to learn more, then reach out to us at New Horizons Landscape Management to get started!

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Year-Round Enjoyment

Here in Western Texas, we are often fortunate enough to have weather that allows us to utilize our outdoor spaces on a year-round basis. We all know and love our long summer evenings that provide plenty of time for night time activities — but what about those beautiful fall nights? With the sun setting earlier in the day, backyard lighting allows you to enjoy your yard throughout all seasons, not just when the sun tells you to.

Highlight Landscaping Elements

We know just how hard you’ve worked on creating a beautiful landscape design — why waste that hard work by not showing it off? Landscape lighting allows you to showcase all of the beautiful things you’ve worked so hard to include in your yard. From blooming gardens and beautiful walkways to lively trees and cozy porches, landscape lighting gives these pieces of your yard the recognition they deserve.

Improve Safety

Picture this — you’ve just poured yourself a glass of wine to enjoy on a Friday evening. Your porch welcomes you in with blankets, pillows, and all things relaxation. And just as you’re ready to sit down and enjoy everything that Texas nights have to offer, you miss that last step, douse your sitting area with wine, and potentially injure yourself in the process. We’ve all experienced something of this nature, and proper outdoor lighting can be the saving grace between you and unfortunate injuries. With walkway, stair, overhead, and porch lighting options available, we’re here to help you create a safe, beautiful landscape design.

Increase Curb Appeal

As we mentioned in our previous post, proper landscape lighting is one of the most effective ways to improve the curb appeal of your home. Many landscape lighting options feature the use of warm, welcoming lights that make your home more inviting to guests and potential buyers. It can also illuminate the intricacies of your home design from afar. If you’re interested in selling your home, or even if you simply want to make your home more welcoming, landscape lighting is a must.

Deter Crime

Landscape lighting is not only functional and beautiful, it also helps steer criminals away from your property. When your driveway, front porch, back porch, and other common entry ways are properly illuminated, criminals are far less likely to burglarize your home, keeping you and loved ones safe. There are plenty of ways to illuminate the outside of your home without costing you an arm and leg, such as investing in solar-powered lights or utilizing motion-activated lighting.

Extend Your Living Space

While a yard with limited lighting can certainly be enjoyed, it’s likely you aren’t using its full potential. Yards which rely on interior lighting from the kitchen, dining room, or living room can only extend so far. When that light runs out, what happens to the rest of your yard? Installing landscape lighting in different areas of your yard can allow you to utilize the entire space. Whether it be stringing lights above a hammock in the corner of your yard, installing a spotlight above a basketball hoop, or adding fence lights that make a number of activities possible, landscape lighting allows your yard to reach its full potential.

Here at New Horizons Landscape Management in Odessa and Midland, we know that designing the perfect backyard landscape can be intimidating. That’s why our team of professional landscapers is here to help you understand the proper landscape lighting solutions to use and where to use them. When you’re ready to partner with the best in landscape design, reach out to us for a quote!